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Learn more about Philippine microsatellites through specialized apps, downloadable materials and more.

Try our Microsatellite Tracker

Find Diwata's exact location and current elevation using this tracker. This also shows the path that will be taken by the microsatellite in the coming date and times. A night option can also be used to add more information about its current state.
Fun Stuff
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Gabay AR App
Learn more about the Philippine microsatellites through these apps, downloadable materials, and more.
Diwata-1 Paperfold
Download, print, and ‘build’ your own Diwata-1 microsatellite! (Courtesy of DOST-ASTI)
Diwata-2 Paperfold
Download, print, and ‘build’ your own Diwata-2 microsatellite! (Courtesy of DOST-ASTI)
Maya-1 Paperfold
Download, print, and build your own Maya-1 cube satellite! (Courtesy of DOST-ASTI)
Ako si Diwata-1: Ang Paglalakbay
Kulayan ang kwento ng paglalakbay ni Diwata-1 sa kalawakan! (A children's coloring book)
Check out our partner museums! These exhibits were made possible by DOST-PCIEERD.
Visit the permanent "The Philippines Goes to Space" exhibit, at The Mind Museum's Universe Gallery.
Visit the permanent "Discover Diwata" exhibit at Museo Pambata's I Love My Planet Earth room.