Full Anechoic Chamber

The full anechoic chamber is used to measure antenna radiation patterns. The frequency range of operation of the chamber is from 600 MHz to 26.5 GHz. It includes a spherical near-field system with a “roll over azimuth” L-bracket positioner for the Antenna-Under- Test (AUT) and a probe stand (as seen in ‘Chamber Layout’). An antenna measurement software is available for spherical near-field and quasi-far-field measurements.

The measurements are done inside a room with electromagnetic shielding. Additionally, the walls, ceiling, and floor of the interior are lined with specially treated pyramidal foam absorbers that prevent reflection of the electromagnetic and thereby emulating a free- space propagation environment. While mainly intended for antenna radiation pattern measurements, the chamber can also be used for other electromagnetic and radio frequency experiments or tests.

Frequency Range
600 MHz - 26.5 GHz
Chamber Dimension
8.08 m (L) x 6.48 m (W) x 5.2 m (H)
Antenna Positioner
dual-axis spherical positioner
Maximum Antenna Size
1.4 meters in diameter
Antenna Positioner Load Capability
75 kgs
Radio Frequency Absorbers
45.7 cm pyramidal cone, floor absorbers are not mounted and can be removed.
Chamber Access
1.2 m (W) x 2.1 m (H) shielded auto-latching door
Chamber Power Outlets
3 sets with 2 220VAC, 60Hz outlets, with powerline filtering
Test Viewing
Closed-circuit TV (CCTV) camera available inside
Vector Network Analyzer
Rohde&Schwarz ZVA40
Antenna Measurement Software
Antenna Tests Supported
  • Spherical near-field measurements
  • 2D and 3D far-field radiation patterns
  • Antenna directivity
  • Cross-polarization level
  • Antenna beamwidth measurements
Available antenna probes
Model Name Frequency Range Gain (dBi)
DRH370 370 MHz - 3 GHz 3 - 16
DRH10E 698 MHz - 5 GHz 3.5 - 16
DRH50 4.5 GHz - 26.5 GHz 6 - 20.5
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