Philippine Earth Data and Resource Observation (PEDRO) Center

The PEDRO Center established a satellite Ground Receiving Station (GRS) facility at the Department of Science and Technology-Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI) in Quezon City with direct access to a broad range of optical (high-resolution, multispectral) and radar (cloud-penetrating, day-night-imaging) satellite data. This facility receives and provides space-borne imagery to various government agencies, local government units and state universities and colleges for use in various operational and research activities in the areas of emergency response management, agricultural monitoring, forest and environmental surveillance, urban-change detection, and other similar activities. PEDRO is complementary to the PHL-Microsat Program, where DOST-ASTI is one of the main proponents. The DOST-ASTI Ground Receiving Station facility receives data from Diwata-2, Maya-1 and Diwata-1 (until its decommissioning on April 6, 2020).